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The Spiegelladen (Mirror Store) was installed on Langstrasse in Zurich, a street that has long had a dubious reputation as a hotbed of drugs and prostitution. For some years now, the neighborhood has been undergoing change: buildings are being renovated, others newly built, and more affluent tenants are moving in. It is a classic example of gentrification.

The Spiegelladen was crowded with mirrors of all sizes. Looking into the shop window, people saw a jigsaw image of Langstrasse, because the mirrors cut up each segment of the street into many different views. The Spiegelladen was therefore a reflection of Langstrasse and, at the same time, it presented a modified overall view. This effect was multiplied when people continued walking because then the reflected images started to move as well. As a result, the installation was also a way of documenting how Langstrasse is changing. 

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