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Plinko – Trickle-Down (1983) 

Plinko – Trickle-Down (1983) combines two events of 1983 that are rationally and formally analogous.

1. David Stockman was American President Ronald Reagan’s chief economic consultant. His trickle-down theory, introduced in 1983, was a key concept in pushing deregulation. In a nutshell, the theory proposes that the economic growth and prosperity of the rich automatically ensures the health of society since their fortunes and their spending automatically trickle down, enabling everyone to participate in the added value. The theory was exploited to introduce sweeping economic liberalization and tax cuts. 

2. The game show, The Price Is Right , launched in 1972 in the United States, was aired every morning on CBS. Winners were those who came closest to guessing the right price of a product. The game Plinko was played for the first time in 1983. Players have to guess the price of three products on display. For every right guess, they receive a circular chip which they place at the top of an up-ended labyrinth, allowing it to trickle its way down to the bottom. The slot the chip lands in determines how much the player wins. 

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