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Greenhouse (dewaxing) 

Promoting growth has always been in people's interests, after all, higher yields and profits attract. Since the advent of capitalism at the end of the 19th century and the expansion to its current form of globalization, an incentive system has emerged which leads to weighting individual factors more strongly and shifting natural growth limits. Growth has become a technology-based industry, more and more resources are subordinated to it. Collateral damage to humans and the environment is accepted. The knowledge of, the understanding of and participation in growth is only reserved to a small part of humanity in the process. The concept of growth is uprooted. Nature and the knowledge stored in it are marginalized.

It is relatively easy to see that growth is finite and is hitting a natural ceiling. Trees do not grow into the sky. The sequoia (Sequoioideae) is the largest with a height of up to 110 meters. Photosynthesis causes water to evaporate in the leaves of the tree, which leads to a negative pressure inside the tree trunk. The water is constantly pumped up out of the roots by means of a capillary-like system. But from 110 meters the gravitational force weighs more, the negative pressure that the leaves create is no longer sufficient to carry the water even higher. This results in a natural growth limit.

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