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Possible Performances II

Possible Performances II shows a model, where several theatre arcs are leaning against each other. Classical proscenium stages are framed by an arc. This is a stylistic device, which accentuate the staging in the space behind of it, and evoke a break with the real world, in this case the auditorium. The line of sight of the entire auditorium are concentrated on the stage, and the arc is given the significance of a burning glass in order to condense this phenomenon.

Behind each arc is a play performed, each play stands for a narrated story. The merging of the different portals refers to the possible diversity of narrations. There is not only one story which can be told, the potential is infinite. Thus the multitude of arcs an actual centre is dissolved. The arcs together as transmitters of narrations create a kaleidoscope, which in itself refers to plural views and perspectives.

Same in the auditorium, each spectator brings a different story and biography, together they unite in the theatre for the time the play is going on. These biographies are often experienced in a less playful and malleable way than the events on stage.

The presentation of the different arcs is intended to point to the plural existence of different possible narrations, it represents a wealth of diversity and shows the potential for influencing and changing processes. This applies both to those involved in the performance and to the visitors, who, as authors of their own choice, are free to choose, starting with which performance they wish to see.

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