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Pamphlet gegen das goldene Kalb der Händler im Hosenladen 

Pamphlet gegen das goldene Kalb der Händler im Hosenladen (Pamphlet against the Golden Calf of the Tradesmen in the Trousers Shop) is a performative investigation that deploys theatrical means. It aims to visualize the global network. We have become interfaces in the global network and our actions are part of an intricately intertwined chain reaction. It is so complex that we can easily lose our way: everything is connected to everything else via x interfaces. The individual keeps getting smaller and smaller to the point of being completely swallowed up by the network, or simply replaced. 

Pamphlet gegen das goldene Kalb der Händler im Hosenladen projects the shadow cast by the global network into the theater and studies it by proxy in the form of several characters (writer, hypochondriac, saleswoman, manager, and sweatshop worker). What is revealed is the compulsion to conform in order to become a compatible interface in the network.

What happens when this does not succeed? Suddenly the network no longer unites; it is also invades and divides. 

A retrospective look at the beginnings of capitalism is taken in the form of texts by Charles Fourier, in which he describes 36 forms of bankruptcy (Pamphlet gegen das goldene Kalb der Händler,1809). Questions of growth and social development are placed in a historical context. 

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