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Kugelbahn AG 

The Kugelbahn AG (Ball Run, Inc.) was shown at OFFA, ostschweizerische Frühlings- und Trendmesse (spring and trend fair in eastern Switzerland). The trade fair presents a wide range of products for daily use from refrigerators to face creams. Three levels were installed in the rented booth: a storage and staff room at the top, manufacturing in the middle, and sales at the bottom. Red, blue, green, and yellow balls were on sale at the booth. They were sold largely for decorative purposes but in several cases, they were sold in order to create harmonious color compositions. The production process consisted of repainting a red ball with the same red spray paint. At a height of 1.6 meters, the rooms were so low that sales staff and customers could not stand up straight inside the store. The work was experimental in nature, designed to test whether visitors to the trade fair would be receptive to a placebo product if the staging of the product appealed to them. Bending over in order to sell colored balls became absurd theater in which customers were also members of the cast. The performance lasted for the duration of the trade fair and was not identified as an art project. 

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