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The work of Georg Keller is at the intersection of visual and performing arts located. Based on the assumption that our environment and our way of life undergoes a continuous processes of shaping, staging, or coding, Keller open up a space, which enables him to study narrative elements and forms of authorship in a world which is represented as our reality. 

The expansive form of globalization leads to an increasingly competitive orientation, a forced acceleration, and the increased availability of resources. These factors affect the life of every individual, but also social alliances and institutions. This leads to profound upheavals, which are inscribed in people and the environment. Keller confront this circumstances with a concept of the Performative Forschung (performative research), which contains an artistic and an economic core. From this perspective, an associative field of research opens up, which opens  a space for interpretation and creation.

He often makes use of the tools of the theatre (text, performance, stage design, light, etc.) which per se refer to aspects of staging and which imply that other forms of design and narration are conceivable. Following this path the world is postulated as a changeable one.

Keller often works with ethnographic or historical references, which allows us to experience different forms of design, narrations and values in opposite to the contemporary life.

In the media implementation of his projects, Keller often works with the shifting of contexts, and thus of the way of looking at things and the way they are perceived. He is converting a museum into a theatre or staging an exhibition in a theatre.

All works, which have been created so far, find a roof under the Georg Keller Unternehmungen (GKU) A brand like a friend. Keller says, this is a dummy company, which is build on base of deviating narrations. The Company refers to forms of staging and evades itself of the reach and access of the individual in a similar way as a multinational company or a letterbox company does. Another word for this would be: Gesamtkunstwerk. 

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